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3 Problems Caused by Hard Water

Hard water is full of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium that can cause a few problems for you and your family:
  1. Rust stains on plumbing fixtures
  2. Hard water spots on dishes
  3. Dry, itchy skin
If you're noticing rust stains on the plumbing fixtures in your household or commercial building, it's time to install a water filtration system. Get 24-hour emergency service when you call Roby's Plumbing & Appliance Service at 317-849-9884.

Clean Your Water With a Filtration System

At Roby's Plumbing & Appliance Service, we care about your health and safety. That's why we urge you to install a water filtration system that will make your water safer and free you from the problems caused by hard water.

Roby's Plumbing offers reverse osmosis systems and home water filtration systems to soften your water. Filtered water is soft and causes less wear and tear on your body and your plumbing.

Upfront Pricing on Water Filtration Services

You'll never be caught off guard by your bill from Roby's Plumbing because we have upfront pricing. That means you'll always know how much the service will cost before any work begins. Plus, all work is guaranteed for your peace of mind.

"I will most definitely be calling Roby's in the future for my plumbing needs. I was exceptionally happy with my experience with them."

Chris G., Pendleton, IN, via Yelp
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